Little Sewing Tool


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Handy little sewing tool designed by Wendy Ward. 

The tools have been accurately laser cut and have easy to see engraved markings.

You can use this little gadget to: 
  • quickly and accurately mark seam and hem lines of: CENTIMETRE TOOL - 1cm 1.5cm 2.5cm and 5cm INCHES TOOL - 1/4" 5/8" 1/2" 1" and 2"
  • mark the bias at 45˚
  • use the point to poke out nice pointy corners in your sewing 
  • with the aid of 2 pencils use the drill holes to draw circles with diameters of: CENTIMETRE TOOL - 2cm 4cm 6cm and 8cm INCHES TOOL - 1" 2" and 3".
These tools are available in cm's or inches in these colours:
  • 3mm smokey brown see through perspex 
  • 3mm "live edge" neon green see through perspex 
  • 3mm "live edge" neon orange see through perspex
  • 4mm cherry veneer wood.

This is a crafted quality sewing tool that should last you for years.

An essential for any sewer be that yourself or a gift for a creative friend!

In the EU? You need to order from the MIY Collection Etsy Shop.

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